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Goodbye hair

Posted by Bruno Afonso on 26/02/2009

baldman372readyAre you spending hours in front of the mirror pitying yourself? Is it starting to take you less and less time to count all your hair threads? Do you feel like you are losing your charm due to the loss of the hairstyle that made you famous some years ago? Are you in denial and wondering why the world has brought such an injustice over you?

Well, you can stop the drama now. No, I am not going to offer a miracle cure for baldness. But I am going to provide you with a link where you can get some scientific information on hair loss, its causes, the different kinds of hair loss and the various treatments available.

It is worth the read, not only to clear some of the myths we usually hear about hair loss, but also to help us understand what’s behind this “monster” that scares a great number of men. It may even give you a different point of view on the subject and leave you with the feeling that hair loss doesn’t necessarily mean lack of charm, sex appeal, handsomeness, or personality.

Take a look at it here.


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A Husband’s Guide to Lovemaking

Posted by Bruno Afonso on 20/02/2009

sexsecretshusbandsguidetolovemakingcoverYes, I know! When it comes to in-bed activities we are all the best there is and the best there will ever be. We all have that adult movie star stamina and endurance (and we can also perform in that weird position where you put one leg on one side of her, and the other leg goes…). Oh, and we always get them exhausted, right? Right!

Nonetheless, I believe this book may come in handy for some of us (very, very, very, very few, I’m sure) who think they can still improve something in their mating skills.

I’m guessing the ladies will all be thankful if we [ALL] read this interesting book. (after all, they’re the ones who keep saying we always miss “the point” of it; maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt).

Get it from here, and enjoy the results ;o). Let me know if the missus found it worth the read.

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Advice for the Big and Tall Male to Upgrade His Look in Comfortable Attire

Posted by Bruno Afonso on 20/02/2009

world__s_tallest_man1_robert_wadlow6This first post is on dressing well.

We all know that first looks are usually the ones that last the most. More, you only get one chance to cause a good impression of yourself.

I found this article quite interesting and I think it might help those of you who were vertically endowed and are constantly struggling to look good in your clothes.

Check it out here

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