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A Husband’s Guide to Lovemaking

Posted by Bruno Afonso on 20/02/2009

sexsecretshusbandsguidetolovemakingcoverYes, I know! When it comes to in-bed activities we are all the best there is and the best there will ever be. We all have that adult movie star stamina and endurance (and we can also perform in that weird position where you put one leg on one side of her, and the other leg goes…). Oh, and we always get them exhausted, right? Right!

Nonetheless, I believe this book may come in handy for some of us (very, very, very, very few, I’m sure) who think they can still improve something in their mating skills.

I’m guessing the ladies will all be thankful if we [ALL] read this interesting book. (after all, they’re the ones who keep saying we always miss “the point” of it; maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt).

Get it from here, and enjoy the results ;o). Let me know if the missus found it worth the read.


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